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At Melhem Construction we strive to serve, not only our clients but the clients of those who wish to provide exceptional service to their own clientele. If you have a client who wishes to renovate, remodel, or develop, give us a call, we will make you part of the project and give your client the attention and service they deserve. Our job is to serve you and the client the best way possible. We have references, CGC license, insurance, and a good bonding capacity. 

Let’s schedule a meeting a build an alliance together.

How does our referral program work ? 

Our referral program works in 3 simple steps 


Let us know your sending a client our way


We close the deal with the client.


You get a percentage of the project price. 

Another way to win:


  • The step that many like. Once you refer 2 or more clients you will also have the option to have a room in your home professionally painted apart from your referral compensation.

  • The referral program is valid for those who referred to a person to our business and we managed to close the contract and perform work.

  • Remember to tell your referrals your name and notify us that they sent people

  • from you communicate with us by E-mail, texts, call or a dm on our social media.

  • Those who only ask for an estimate and do not sign an acceptance contract or do not start work

  • it will not count as a referral program (reference).

  • the room that we will paint you will only be repainting the same tone, does not cover wall arrangements, or change of tones, only if you buy the color. Only one room will be painted.

  • Thank you for being part of our program.

  • We reserve the right to with hold or deduct payments if we believe that an error or an illegal act occurred or are violated the conditions of these terms.

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